Bitcoin Revival Review: Why This Bot is Trusted By Many Traders

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The sudden emergence of Bitcoin trading’s popularity has also produced an influx of trading software in the market. There are currently a thousand of them and if you are relatively new to bitcoin trading, you may find it very hard to pick on one. 

But there is this popular trading software that you may have heard of. That is why we needed to perform the Bitcoin Revival review as it is is slowly gaining traction from the market so we tried to test it and made an article about our experience with this fairly reliable trading bot.

Let’s get started on our Bitcoin Revival review!

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What is Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival is a popular trading bot that has been reported to win on trades with 85% accuracy. These trading bots have been a staple pick among bitcoin traders solely because of the high profitability that it boasts. The Bitcoin Revival offers many features and services to its users like high-level security, cheaper fees and faster transactions.

Though Bitcoin Revival is relatively new in the market, the features that it allows to easily capture the interest of different traders. The complex encoding of the software is infused with different trading algorithms that are formulated by legitimate traders. This allows the Bitcoin Revival to process high amounts of data from different exchanges.

The Bitcoin Revival uses previous data and current market status to speculate on the upcoming market swings and price changes. This capability of the Bitcoin Revival allows it to predict the future price movements of the cryptocurrency market with a margin of 0.008 seconds. Another thing about this trading bot is that the program developers are also bitcoin traders. Every aspect of the Bitcoin Revival is fairly developed for the sake of trading with bitcoin.

Bitcoin Revival Features

Highly Profitable Trading Bot

The Bitcoin Revival has been garnering traction in the bitcoin community because of the rumored high accuracy that it has. With a reported 85% accuracy, this trading bot already has gathered a lot of users around the world.

The reason for this high accuracy is the unique algorithm that is used to make the software. The developers of this trading software use real trading strategies from forex and stock exchange and infused it fairly well in the Bitcoin Revivals algorithm. This innovative algorithm provides this trading software price predicting capabilities.

The Bitcoin Revival can utilize every data that it monitors to fairly act on the upcoming movements of the bitcoin market. Traders that used this trading bot are able to earn $1000 a day with just a starting capital of $250. Another thing that makes this trading bot highly profitable is the fact that the longer you use it, the more accurate it can get as it is able to improve itself from the data that it gathers.

The “self-learning AI ” of the Bitcoin Revival assures that every trade that it engages in exponentially adds more to its already high earning potential.

SSL Reinforced Website and Database

Online trading involves high risks on security and information breach. There are plenty of malicious entities that lurk in the darkness of the internet world that are waiting to prey on vulnerable targets to acquire their personal information and use them for their cause. Hacking and identity theft is very prominent in bitcoin trading but the developers of the Bitcoin Revival highly prioritize this aspect of bitcoin trading.

The developers of this trading bot use SSL technology to strengthen the security of their website and database. This security feature encrypts every transaction that happens inside the software and its website. The Bitcoin Revival software uses random access codes in every transaction to maintain anonymity and prevent the risk of possible personal information being exposed to third parties.

Another security feature of the Bitcoin Revival is the verification methods in every transaction that the user partakes with the software and website. Withdrawal of funds, the deposit of capital and even the changing of the amount to trade involves verification to be able to assure that the Bitcoin Revival is associating with the right person. These security features can assure every trader that their funds and income are fairly safe within the premises of the trading software and their website.

Bitcoin Revival website

Autonomous Trading Capabilities

People nowadays are into software and devices that you can use hands-free and can be operated with little to no human intervention. From daily appliances to mobile devices, everyday technology is bringing us different ways to automate our daily life. The same is happening with bitcoin trading. The Bitcoin Revival pushed the limits of automation further by integrating it in bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Revival allows their traders to autonomously trade with bitcoins using only little interaction with the app depending on their preferences. The Bitcoin Revival has an Auto-Trade feature that lets traders go on with other things while trading with bitcoins. The Auto-Trade feature is perfect for people who do not fully depend on bitcoin trading for daily income. Meaning that they can still go out and do other sorts of stuff while the Bitcoin Revival is doing the trading for them. Additionally, although the Bitcoin Revival is automated, you can still switch to manual trading whenever you want.

If you feel like you can do the trading on your own, then you can just turn off the Auto-Trade feature and control all the preferences yourself. The Auto-Trade feature is also perfect for taking advantage of the 24 hour nature of the bitcoin market. Since you can never really know when a profitable trade can occur, sometimes good trades are available on times when you are not trading or you are resting. With the Auto-Trade feature of the Bitcoin Revival, you can exploit the nonstop market of cryptocurrency. You can leave the trading software on its own when you are sleeping or resting.

Trade Across Different Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Not many trading bots have a multi-platform trading feature. There is a lot of data involved in just monitoring a single crypto market like Bitcoin so it is natural that the majority of trading bots focus on just a single crypto. Processing such a high amount of information requires high computing power. The Bitcoin Revival, on the other hand, is powered by a powerful system that can process and monitor different trading platforms simultaneously.

The Bitcoin Revival allows its traders to freely engage in different markets all at the same time. The Bitcoin Revival is able to compare different market prices and use this gathered information to decide on what it should do on its future trades. Different cryptocurrency exchanges have different earning potential so a trading bot that can freely engage in the different markets has a big advantage in cryptocurrency trading

Traders that use Bitcoin Revival have an option to freely switch between different exchanges when they think that the odds in their current platform is against them. This since the cryptocurrency market has a very volatile price swing, one can never know when a future price movement is not very favorable so it is nice that you can lie low on a less profitable market and focus more on another.

Bitcoin Revival Legit: Fast Withdrawal of Funds

The Bitcoin Revival has no minimum deposit required in order to trade. If you really want to, you can withdraw everything that is in your account. That is one proof Bitcoin Revival legit is a true concept and encounter. Other trading bots require a certain amount that you can withdraw from your account. The Bitcoin Revival doesn’t have anything like that, you can even withdraw your initial capital. The Bitcoin Revival also has a quick withdraw transaction period that only takes less than 48 hours to reflect on your bank account while there are other trading bots that may have you wait for more than a week. Bitcoin Revival transactions are fast and easy although there are verifications first before you can withdraw your earnings but we know that its for additional security measures.

Free Trading Bot

One reason why other people are afraid to trade with Bitcoins is that in reality, bitcoin trading requires a tremendous amount of resources. There are many things that you have to spend on first before you can even start trading and one of these is trading bots. Trading bots typically are very expensive. The average cost for trading bots is about $1000 per month and there are some premium services that may cost up to a few thousand more. Not to mention that a lot of these expensive trading bots are charging high amount of fees in every transaction that you make with them.

However, the Bitcoin Revival is absolutely free and does not require monthly subscription fees for you to start trading, the Bitcoin Revival offers a very cheap approach to bitcoin trading that is very advisable for those traders that are just starting with cryptocurrency trading. The main objective of trading with bitcoin is to earn cash as much as possible so a monthly fee that can cost up to a $1000 a month is fairly high even for big traders. But with the Bitcoin Revival, you can absolutely yield high amounts of money with only a few cash capital.

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Bitcoin Revival Account: Trusted and Approved by Most Traders

Though the Bitcoin Revival is fairly new, there are already a number of reviews that have positive remarks on this trading bot. Even veteran traders have already approved of the high earning potential of the Bitcoin Revival. There are a thousand of available trading bots in the market and being noticed and trusted by big traders is a big feat considering that there are those trading bots that have already established their reputation in the market. The reason for this quick gaining of traction is the seamless features and fairly high profitability of the Bitcoin Revival software.

There are also claims of this trading software being featured on some business news like CNN and Forbes but we have yet to find an article or news feature. But one thing that we find one is that there are already a number of claims and testimonials from different traders saying that the Bitcoin Revival really is a very profitable trading bot. Their website has testimonials available from their clients across the globe. You can also read other review websites that state the same claims from the Bitcoin Revival. Though you may find some Bitcoin Revival Fraud reviews that say that this trading bot is a hoax but we think that those are just some dirty marketing strategies implemented by the Bitcoin Revival’s competitors.

Real Assistance From Regulated Brokers

The Bitcoin Revival also offers assistance services for its traders. As you trade with this trading software, you are regularly given advice and tips from real brokers. This is really handy for new traders that still have yet to cope with the bitcoin market. Don’t worry as these brokers are all licensed and regulated and have plenty of experience already in the field. They are the one that will be aiding you in your journey to the bitcoin world.

Friendly Customer Service

The Bitcoin Revival has one of the most friendly customer services out there. There are also many ways to contact the developers and the administrators of the website. You can join live chats and you can also contact them through their customer hotline. Issues and inquiries are responded typically in just 24 hours.

Is the Bitcoin Revival Fraud?

After several tests and trials. We concluded that the Bitcoin Revival is indeed legit. The test also yields almost the same results as what the trading bot claims. There are also other traders that claim the same profitability as our results. Although there will be some miscalculations by the bots sometimes, this is due to the fact that the software is still in the early learning phase. We said earlier that the Bitcoin Revival has a self-learning AI. After several tries, the software’s accuracy improved little by little.

How To Create a Bitcoin Revival Account

The account creation is very easy. We’ve listed the steps in order to create your very own Bitcoin Billionaire account.

1. Bitcoin Revival Account Registration Form

Bitcoin Revival Account creation is free. After going to their webpage, fill up the needed information in the registration provided by the website. Your name, address, mobile number and email address are needed by the website in order for your account to be created. You will also have to provide your own password so we greatly advise you to create a strong one. After filling up your information, just wait for the verification to be finished. While waiting you can now proceed to the step 2.

Bitcoin Revival website registration form

2. Trying the Demo Mode

The Demo Mode is a feature of the Bitcoin Revival that allows a trader to use the trading software without the risk of losing money. Take note that even though the Demo Mode is basically just a trial version, all the data that is shown in the trading window are real and is based on the current market status. This is to show how the Bitcoin Revival works with the real trading market. Use this feature to fully understand how the trading software works.

3. Deposit Your Capital Investment

We mentioned that the Bitcoin Revival is free but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to provide for your trading capital. The Bitcoin Revival will require you to deposit a minimum of $250. This will be your initial investment. Don’t worry as you can withdraw this amount including your earnings once you already started trading with the Bitcoin Revival. After deposit, you will receive a notification saying that your deposit is successful and you can now continue to the last step.

4. Live Trading

After depositing your initial investment, you can now proceed to the Live Trading. Just remember that Live Trading is the real-deal and you already have a risk of losing money. Our advice for you is to just leave the trading to the Bitcoin Revival software. Since it is automated, you can rest assured that your money is well handled. If you really want to try trading on your own, you can switch to manual trading whenever you want to, especially if this is not your first time trading with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Revival Review: The Verdict

Our final based on our verdict Bitcoin Revival Review is that the Bitcoin Revival really is a very reliable trading software. It is true that it is fairly new but the high profitability and security features of the trading software really help in its rise in popularity. There are already many positive reviews and comments about the Bitcoin Revival coming from different users around the world.

But there are also some Bitcoin Revival Fraud reviews that you will absolutely come across on the internet but we concluded that those fraud reviews are just black hat marketing strategies to spread general mistrust in this software. Even though it really is hard to find a trustworthy and reliable trading bot in the market, just trying the Demo Mode of the Bitcoin Revival is enough to convince you. The software is also free so there will be no lost on trying.

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